With Advantrix, you can spend your time on your patients. See how?

The ADVANTRIX Benefits

  • 100% Electronic Filing for a 7-14 day reimbursment cycle
  • Follow up on outstanding increasing collections revenue
  • Audited claims before filing for reduction in claim rejections
  • Detailed/customized reports for an assesment of your bottom line


A State of the Art Office Management System for Medical Practices and Group Services! With its in-built EMR / EHR tools and eye candy soothing, easy to navigate interface, Opteli is the complete solution yet not available in the market.


Prebuilt and custom solutions for every healthcare professional.
Opteli, a cutting edge medical billing and reimbursement cycle management system from Advantrix Corp.

Custom Solutions

Need more?
Advantrix can build a custom solution for your practice.

We believe medical billing should be

  • Useful

  • Easy

  • Fast

So you can work better, get more accomplished, and make smarter decisions for your practice.

We are commited
to helping our clients



Dr. Louis A. Goyco (MD)

Yes, saw better reimbursement for some procedures. Perhaps my office missed some claims and I am glad to see you call office if claims were missed.

-Dr. Louis A. Goyco (MD)
Guy Delisfort

Dr. Guy Delisfort (MD)

I am told we were the first practice to hire Advantrix! Glad to make the right call at the right time, our bottom-line is significantly enhanced and process is straightened out. I've successfully recommended them to scores of my colleagues and shall do it any time an opportunity arises...well done Advantrix, keep it up!

-Dr. Guy Delisfort (MD)

Dr. Winston C Umali (MD)

Yes, Indeed our medical billing system has tremendously improved our practice and reimbursements were significantly increased. I am very pleased with Advantrix. MORE POWER TO ADVANTRIX!

-Dr. Winston C Umali (MD)